Sunday, January 16, 2011


The kids have had a ton of fun this winter sledding with all the snow we have. When we took Rees the first time I wasn't quite sure how he would do because he tends to get nervous easily. Well, that didn't last long. We're sitting there watching the kids sled and all of the sudden Rees takes off running and superman's it onto the sled. He kept doing this over and over. He'd run and jump on the sled and fly down the hill. There was one time when he even hit a bump at the bottom of the hill and stuck like glue to his sled. He is so entertaining to watch.
Making a snowman in the back yard.
Wyatt & Rees watching the cookies cook. Pretty entertaining!!
Visiting Santa!! Rees wasn't a fan

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Janice said...

Better late than never on commenting on your blog! I love your pictures! I especially got a kick out of the one where Wyatt and Rees are watching the oven! How cute! Love you guys! Mom and Grandma